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necessity is the mother of invention……..


Our story is a little different. In the beginning we had a project to sell a niche insurance product online. Now we understood the product perfectly, we knew the target audience but linking the two together was the challenge. Clearly a website was required and we found a local web design company to do that for us.


So we had the product, we knew the audience and we had the ‘shop front’ all boxed off, just one problem……………….how do we get people to find us in the first place?


We were in the very same position that many millions of entrepreneurs find themselves in when they first start out and we made the same mistake that many of them also make.


We fell for one of the many marketing telephone calls and emails you get when you first register your web domain. A very plausible sounding pitch from ‘one of the leading Search Engine Marketing companies in the UK’ saw us sign up to a marketing contract for £1000 a month (our biggest outlay by far) that promised us quick results.


How these results were going to be achieved were less clear.


A few months went by and the alleged ‘link building’ and ‘SEO marketing’ was slowly paying dividends……….apparently. We were provided with reports each month showing a list of links that had been built and an increase in traffic to our website.


Just one issue…..sales figures did not increase.


Of course Search Engine Marketing (in other words getting you in the positions to get noticed on the likes of Google and Bing) is a little like alchemy. The local snake oil salesman promising you the earth and you have no real idea whether what they say has any validity because you have no idea on how to achieve the results they are claiming.


The only way to understand it better was to try to do some research into the ‘reports’ we were being provided.


So the ‘link building’……


Yes links were being built. Mostly these were what is called a signature link on internet forums. These internet forums tended to be based in Asia when our targat market was in the UK. The value of this work was essentially less than zero.


The additional web traffic we were getting proved to be equally as useless. This is because just any old traffic is just no good. The traffic you need muct be specific to your end goal. In our case we needed potential customers who wanted to buy our insurance product. This was not the traffic we were getting.


So the ‘leading SEO company’ who promised to drive more traffic and make us more visable were dispatched with a flea in their ear. But not before we had spent the majority of our marketing budget for the launch year within a few short months.


If we were going to do this then we would have to learn it ourselves. So many hours of scouring the internet for valuable expert blogs and websites were the order of the next few months.


We learned lots of handly tips that we incorporated into our website, soon to become websites with the launch of a second brand. We also learned a second invaluable and inescapable lesson, you have to give it some time to get some results.


But the results did come.


Today we run five online web brands producing 20,000 policy sales per annum and over £3,000,000 turnover. Our websites see 300,000 plus visitors each year. All our online marketing is done ‘in house’.


The skills we have employed have all been learned through trial and error but we know know what it takes to be found and succeed on the internet. We can help you achieve the same.



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